Re:Re: residence revisited

ARTISTS: Paulina León, Silvia Lorenz, Daniela Gugg, Jan Vormann, Daniel Kemeny, Aleksandar Jestrović or Jamesdin GUESTS ARTISTS: Nikola Marković, Olga Jitlina, Marion Ritzmann, Dayana Rivera „RE:RE:Residence Revisited“, SKC Gallery, Belgrade/ Serbia, Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich/ Switzerland, Grasnaya Gallery, St. Petersburg/Russia; Galeria Arte Actual, Quito/ Ecuador read more…

this is mens world

It’ s a men’s world, Galeria Arte Actual, Quito/ Ecuador




Pušenje je zdravo/smoking is healthy, Galeria Arte Actual, Quito/ Ecuador




svinaja sobaka/swinedog, Grasnaya Gallery, St. Petersburg/Russia


























My grandfather, who was living on the countryside in Serbia, had a strange animal. It looked like half a pig, half a dog, extremely ugly – but very much protecting my family. A few times this animal was biting our neighbors, so they unsuccessfully tried to poison it later. At the end the poor animal died from eating too many cherries. My grandfather was a strange man, difficult to communicate to – so I did not ask a lot of questions about where this animal comes from. But when he died, I asked my grandmother about it, and she told me that grandpa called this creature ‘svinajasobaka’ and that he got it probably from Russian soldiers who were liberating my country. But my grandma was already senile and that’s why I did not take this information for granted. Now, when I got the chance to visit Russia as a part of an artistic project, I tried to find out more about my childhood pet, but nobody in St. Petersburg knew anything about it. I tried to figure out why, and the only thing that came to my mind was, that I missed the fact that the Russian soldiers were indeed Soviet soldiers – and may be coming from Kirgizstan.

black metal

Black metal, SKC gallery, Belgrade, Serbia

The whole summer I will spend travelling and making exhibitions as a part of the Re: Re: project crew.  But I would rather like to go to swim in the sea.  It is not easy to get money from art foundations to go the sea. The money that we receive is only enough to cover travel expenses, so nothing is left to go to a public pool. Because of this I go to swim in public fountains. But in fact, it is not me who invented this behavior; the Gypsys in Belgrade are practicing it for years. So I call this discipline “Gypsy Style” – but it is not (yet) present in the Olympic Games.

Aleksandar Jestrovic is checking the quality of water in public fountains. His work is dedicated to the Gypsys in Belgrade.

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