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Son of the central heating                          March 08, 2010


Yesterday I went out to take a walk, to clear up my thoughts and to think about some clever project proposal. It’s still cold outside – this winter will never end. The cold should help me to brighten up my mind, but I can only think about the time when it will be warmer. Because of this I’m running home to set a fire. First, putting some pieces of wood in the oven and later some coal. One year ago I was still using the coal only to draw (but not too often). But I was using it a lot when I was starting my art studies in Belgrade in 1995. For the whole first year this was an obligatory task. Moving to Berlin is a new start for me, and because of this and because of celebrating upcoming spring I would like to make a drawing on the wall with the coal for the oven. This is my project suggestion, drawing (don’t know yet what it will be), and a few piecesof coal left around. I think this is a good example how we can observe things from different points of standings.


Now, when I managed to impress the curator of this show with my concept and I got a free wall to do my drawing, I had to think about what actually to draw. The idea was just to transfer the material (oven coal ”Heiz Profi”) onto the wall – without too much story. Coal and drawing should be “one”, maybe only one black square, but again the abstraction isn’t really my thing, and when I continued looking for a motif, I remembered the story about three kids from Nurnberg who were tired from this years’ winter and cold, so they escaped from kindergarten with the plan to catch a flight to Africa. Yes, Africa, this is what I need, the black continent, and the coal is the logical material to draw it.

P.S. The police found the kids little later in the toy store.




—–Original Message—–
Subject: VIP Dinner
Hi Guys,

thanks for the wonderful works and a great night on saturday. And the fun goes
I will throw a VIP reception on Saturday 27th at 20:00 for us.
It works like this. You can each invite 2 VIP guests. That means: Gallerists,
Journalists, Curators. People you think would be useful for them to see the
The theme of the dinner is black and white. This means: a. you dress in black
and/or white b. You bring something black or white to drink (guiness, white
wine, vodka jin etch..)or eat. (this is going to be a bit tricky..jogourt..vanilla
cake..chocolate ice cream etc)
Our cook will take care of the buffet, but it is always nice when the artists
bring their own cuisine or coctail creations..

PLEASE SEND ME YOUR VIP email addresses so I can send the official invite also


Am 22.03.2010 um 23:37 schrieb

Hi D.
well im new in the city and my list is still not existing( my contacts need flight to come) , but i really like VIP dinners so i think i come.
Bests Aleksandar
—–Original Message—–
Subject: VIP Dinner

Hey Aleksandar,
it’ s the rules of the game. No VIPs- No Party. I am sorry.


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