chakrasČakre, instalacija/Chakras, installation

chakra 3 Čakra broj 3(Icon)/Chakra No3(Icon)

chakra No 1 (for Stalin) Čakra broj 1 (za Staljina)/Chakra No1 (for Stalin)

catalogueKatalog (specijalno izdanje)/Catalog (special edition)

Čakra broj 2(šampon za jaja)/Chakra No3(balls care shampoo)


In prehistoric art, I came across some drawings of animals and human beings with inscribed parts carrying a magical meaning, of course Chakras have nothing to do with it (I heard about them from colleagues who practice yoga). All this has nothing to do with this work, although it is called “Chakras”. It has more to do with the energy and the events that marked me. Firstly, a scar that I got when I felt trough a chair on which I was jumping drunk. Secondly, three stitches on the head after I felt because Crazy Gale was chasing me, a guard of some construction site, whom I threatened with a fake gun, and he wanted to fight back with a real one. Thirdly, the hand I broke when a I tried to “shut down” a pole because SHE made me nervous, and fourthly, a finger broken on basketball game, which I didn’t immobilize. I finished and won the basketball game. Or maybe I didn’t? I can’t remember. Actually, did I break my hand falling through the chair, and hit my head against the pole? Because of HER, or because of something else? Fuck it, I mixed it all up now. Maybe the whole story is connected to some other work.

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